"Ernst Bechinie has been doing individual and team coaching in my company. We valued his broad experience in business and his insight in individuals and group relations.

He showed empathy as well as solution and result orientation. He supported us in a structured approach and gave us room for developing our own ideas. I personally benefited a lot from working with him".

CEO and IT company owner

Ernst is a master coach in the truest sense of the word. He offers his whole being to the coaching session and on top of that he has a huge capacity to be in the moment, so as a client you receive 100% attention, 100% of the time.

With his big heart, great coaching skills and enormous experience in coaching (and in life) his sessions are very beneficial for one's well-being and sense of purpose in the turmoil of this busy world.

Philippine Linn, Coach, Trainer & Facilitator, True Colours Coaching

Ernst's talents as a career coach are supported by his deep experience in leadership and entrepreneurial roles. Coaching sessions with Ernst are infused with the confidence of knowing that Ernst understands and has overcome himself the challenges faced in high stress business environments. Moreover, Ernst is a genuine and kind man and acutely perceptive. Ernst helps clients accept and learn to overcome their weaknesses and even more so, to acknowledge and amplify their strengths.

Experienced Life Science deal maker with strong R&D background.

When I started working with Ernst, I faced an insurmountable wall of obstacles.

With the lightest touch he brought the wall down, and I felt released to work constructively. Now the sun shines in where worries obscured the light before. I highly recommend him to any entrepreneur facing an overwhelming and complex business situation".

Managing Partner Consulting Company

I would like shortly share my experience of coaching collaboration with Ernst.

Simply he is a great, full of joy, warm and wise man, as a coach he is patient and inquisitive. Every single session or conversation with him is an inspiration and moments of reflection.

Artur, Independent Consultant; Executive & Leadership Coach

Ernst supported me in the starting phase in the function as CEO. During this coaching I felt to be in company with an experienced entrepreneur.

The approach of our talks was holistic: I felt encouraged to look at my business issues from different perspectives. It was working on intellectual solutions as well as using body and soul for reaching new views. The process was empathetic, non judgmental and completely client oriented”.

CEO of a Biotec start-up company.

Ernst is a role model coach - one day I aspire to have his wisdom calmness and gravitas. I asked him as a fellow MCC to coach me - I am very choosy in who I will let coach and mentor me and he delivered on everything.I fully recommend him.

CEO's Trusted Leadership Advisor, Mentor & Master Coach

Silke Zanker; hired Ernst as a Career Coach, and hired Ernst more than once

When I started my first coaching session with Ernst, I was in a complicated period of my life, a “turning point”.

I was confused as to which steps I should take to be more at ease with my deep values. I felt stuck. I soon realized that I had finally found someone who could really and seriously listen to me in a respectful and profound manner and follow me patiently with a totally open heart. During the entire coaching process, imbued with his profound and creative sense of humor – Ernst’s special “Austrian touch- , little by little, I was able to melt my carefully built resistances and tap into my own resources, giving me a new perspective and power over my professional and personal life. Inspired and encouraged by his attitude and proficiency, I am now in the process of becoming a certified coach myself”.

Ernst is a very thoughtful and efficient coach. He knows how to help clarify even very complex situations and has a pleasant and empathic way of working.

I can recommend him for anybody needing help with either private or business matters. You will find him a very experienced speaking partner."

Alfred Colliander, Owner

My Coaching with Ernst Bechinie helped me, through a proper analysis of my key professional and private track, to identify my success factors.

Giving me the possibility for developing successful strategies.I like to thank for his empathy, his ability to help me identify the key elements of my situation, his tenacity and his discreet but decided way helping me to find my own solutions".

Owner of Search Company

"Ernst is a unique and great coach with depth, wisdom and seriousness and at the same time infinite openness and appreciation. I would particularly like to mention his deep transformational coaching. In a coaching session, we were discovering different aspects of my personality, Yin and Yang that seem to contradict each other, but are strong and complete only together. Ernst was artfully facilitating my journey accompanying and shadowing my discovery, subtly leading when groping in the dark, provoking thinking and encouraging to dare greatly. Encouragement of all the strengths, that seem to be so different but complement each other perfectly well, letting the wholeness of the personality thrive and arriving at the center of the Self: this is the art of coaching."

Natalia Braun, HR Professional