February 2, 2019

January 24, 2019

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Overcoming Anxiety - Mental Health Matters

February 11, 2019



The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019 staged Anxiety as the leading cause for mental health disorders worldwide. In average 4% of the world population with a spread of 2,5% and 6,5% of population per country are suffering from anxiety disorders. An outstanding staffed panel was discussing the situation and presented already ongoing measures in the meeting.


Here we advocate: Confronting our fears does not open a gigantic Pandora box but allows us to enter life in a richer and more compassionate manner. Creating intimate connections with others might lead us to the following avenues of overcoming fears:


1) Power of Empathy

Empathy is one of the most powerful ways in our efforts to connect with others. It is the ability to understand how someone feels because one understands, what it is to be like them. The willingness to share one’s pain with others has been a part of healing traditions since ever.

Question: How strong do you live your empathy to give or receive healing?


2) The Quality of Presence

It is a great service to someone in fear to offer him or her sheer presence. As coach or mentor we have often experienced to stay with somebody and support with our being in the moment. It is not important what we say. It is simply to be available with all our senses – that is what counts.

Question: How do you feel to stay without your own agenda and just listen?


3) Self-Disclosure

It is an old and simple wisdom. The more we reveal ourselves the easier it is for others to reveal themselves. Self-disclosure plays a critical role in the development of intimacy. In the presence of such intimacy all our words or feelings take a greater meaning. And anxiety will be weighing lighter or disappear.

Question: How easy is it for you to be adequately open to others?


4) Discover your own Wisdom

Already Socrates believed that the best way for a teacher – or a supporter – is, to ask  questions that will help a student to discover wisdom. Good friends, coaches or therapists do this all the time. What is your concern about the future? What makes your life fearful now? What dramas from the past are hunting you?

Question: What is behind your fears? How could you let them pass?


5) Fulfilling Your Life

People are in despair because their dreams have not become true. Or they have not dared to make them come true. And it could be that you are full of regrets that you have lived somebody else’s life. Could this be the time to remove the obstacles of self-realization and live your life?

Question: What could be the meaning for Your life – Now?


You are never to Young and never to Old to Wake Up to live Your Only life fully!

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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