Vulnerability and Total Transparency

Patrick Lencioni’s book “Getting Naked” is a plea for vulnerability – humility, openness and transparence – for service providers such as consultants, trainers and coaches:

“For those who provide service to clients, vulnerability is particularly powerful. Those who get comfortable in being vulnerable – or as I call it, naked – are rewarded with levels of client loyalty and intimacy that other service providers can only dream of”.

The book is an enjoyable fable. The following shows some of the author’s concepts how we can handle our fears that might sabotage us to built trust and loyalty with clients:

Advice 1: Master the Fear of Loosing the Business

1.1 Consult instead of Sell

- Forget your polished slide presentations

- Transform every sales situation into a demonstration what you can

- Just start a discussion as though you were already with a client

- Don’t worry weather a potential client might take advantage of you

- Find a way to help in a meaningful way before you even have contract

1.2 Give away the Business

- Demonstrate generosity and trust

- Give information and advice without a formal contract

- Involve client in pricing of your services

1.3 Tell the Kind Truth

- Confront clients with difficult messages

- Be prepared to bring the relationship on risk

- Serve the clients needs first over protecting your own business

- Recognize the humanity and dignity of the client in your feedback

1.4 Enter the Danger Points

- Stay in the middle of danger situations

- Deal fearless with situations everybody else is afraid of

- Address the elephant in the room

Advice 2: Master the Fear of Being Embarrassed

- Ask dumb questions

- Make dumb suggestions

- Accept and celebrate your mistakes

- Risk talk about your own feelings

Advice 3: Master the Fear of Feeling Inferior

- Allow clients to find their own solutions

- Downplay your own accomplishments

- Honor the client’s work

- Take a bullet for protecting a client

Enjoy being naked and observe what will happen.

Dr. Ernst Bechinie, Master Certified Coach

Integrative Coaching - Connecting Work and Soul

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