Meditation in Business

For many years I did not associate Meditation with Business. It was for me a private island for my own recreation. Also as an entrepreneur and consultant I did not talk to my clients about being a certified Yoga teacher. That was the “esoteric” corner of my life. Than as a coach more and more people were coming just out of a meeting into my praxis and rushing into the next one. So one day a couple of years ago I invited – what I considered a very daring act – a business client to a short “breathing” in silence. This became a regular habit with this person. Encouraged by this incident, I started to invite clients to a few minutes of silence, combined with a short breathing exercise. And some of them have made this part of their practice to close the day.

A short theoretical excursion.

In the East the benefits of Meditation have been known since thousands of years.

In the Western world research based on modern technologies has reinforced this tradition. Scientific evidence in the last decades confirms, what many practitioners have claimed as the usefulness of meditation:

- Greater awareness and mastery of emotions

- Lowering stress with influence on health in general

- Increased creativity by entering our subconscious wisdom.

In summary it means an avenue for wellbeing in a turbulent business world.

Guidance for practical exercise:

The good message for the art of meditation is, that it is very easy to practice. You will feel results fairly quickly. All you need is discipline for repetition and surprising little time.

Here just two forms of practice from my own experience:

1) Daily 15 minutes meditation

- Sit on a chair – upright, free from the back of the chair, feet on the floor, and hands on your knees

- Breath calmly and regularly into your stomach

- Close your eyes

- After a minute open your eyes halfway for a moment, looking to the floor and close the eyes again

- Repeat once shortly afterwards

- Continue to meditate for the rest of the time

For regulating the time you can use a commercial timer with a low signal tone.

2) Short 1 – 2 minutes meditation during the day

Typical applications: before or after a meeting, reactivating creativity, bringing flow in thinking, calming in a moment of emotional uproar. And starting a coaching session.

Meditation results in a non-judgmental way of being.

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