We have a Choice

We have a Choice …

In high spirits and full of inspirations, I report on one of my latest book discoveries:

Edith Eger, The Choice, 2017.

In 1944, with sixteen years Edith Eger was deported to Auschwitz. Her courage and her strong desire to live helped her to survive till she was rescued more dead than alive at the end of the war. Today with ninety, Dr. Edith Eger is an international acclaimed psychologist in the US whose patients include survivors of abuse, soldiers suffering from traumas and people in all kind of despairs.

The book is a fascinating account of the steps she took to liberate her from a self-set prison. She lets us participate on the choices she took during a long life. At the same time she enriches us with a large variety of client cases, where she helped others to find their path to a new future. On the basis of this experience she introduces us to the approaches of her art of healing.

Her basic and encouraging message is that we have in any situation and at any time the choice for a change. Her mission: “I would love to help you to discover how to escape the concentration camp of your own mind and become the person you were meant to be. I invite you to make the choice to be free”.

Some of the messages of the author might induce you to learn more:

  • Man’s search for meaning is the primary motivation in our life. Continuously searching for a meaning is the main avenue to a constructive, positive existence in whatever circumstances.

  • True freedom becomes possible once we take ownership for our sufferings or challenges and look what we can do without putting the blame on others.

  • The first step is to look at our fears, anger, sadness or joy that might be behind our suffering. Once we accept our feelings we can take responsibility for our role in creating this suffering.

  • The second step on the way for freedom is learning to take risks that are necessary to true self-realization. That means to create situations in a secure setting, where we re-live moments that created our “trauma”.

  • And sometimes we might have to accept that some of our fears, anger and sadness will stay with us – despite our efforts. However we will be able to live with them more consciously and even receive them as our friends.

As a coach I feel enriched and encouraged for meeting people who are on a journey to find their meaning in life and make their choices to be free.

He, who has a WHY to live can bear almost any HOW.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Dr. Ernst Bechinie, Master Certified Coach - www.solutioncoaching.ch

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