Complimentary Session

You are presently in a situation in your work or in your private life, where you would find it helpful to have a “speaking partner”. You are looking for somebody, a professional, with whom you could have an exchange about your challenges.

You want to know more about Coaching. Or you have already a clear idea how coaching could help you, and you are looking for a professional coach.

I invite you to a Complimentary Session - free talk up to one hour

No strings attached!

You can explain your situation. What are your challenges and what would you like to achieve in your professional and/or personal life.

You will get answers to all your questions about coaching. And you will find out how I work, my style of coaching and what you can expect in working with me.

You will also get a clear picture about your time and financial investment.


At the end of our talk we will have come to know each other. Together we will be in a good position to see if we could work together.

Confidentiality: You as a person and our topics will not be disclosed to anybody.

Just call