Integrative Coaching

Connecting Work and Soul
What happens in Integrative Coaching?

Together we create a space for your growth and for you to become the person you want to be!

It is about integrating all aspects of your life, bringing together your conscious and unconscious parts to a balanced whole.

You will be supported to unfold your full potential for a successful professional and fulfilling personal life.

We work together as partners on an equal level for the benefit of you.

You will bring your topics and questions to the session and you decide what results you want to achieve.

My role is to listen to you, ask challenging questions, invite you to reflect on your issues as deep as you wish and bring in my own ideas where ever useful.


Everything that we speak about is strictly confidential and remains in our coaching space.

What topics would you bring to the Coaching?

Are you dealing with any of the following issues ?

  • How can I find a meaning in my life?

  • I want to learn to deal with situations which sap my energy in a healthier way.

  • How can I ever find a partner when I am working at home many evenings and weekends?

  • I want to know what I really want.

  • I need to find joy and lightheartedness again.

  • How can I overcome my difficulties with, and fear of, conflict?


  • I need to find purpose and meaning in my present job or I have to leave.

  • How can I handle my first team leader role without being completely exhausted and stressed out?

  • I need more support from my boss and to find a constructive way of discussing with him.

  • I want to find a closer connection to the other members of my team.

  • How can I handle a conflict between two members in my team which impacts negatively on the whole team?

  • How can I stay connected with my family and friends with this new job?


  • I want to start my own business, my current company work does not appeal to me any more.

  • I have made good progress with my start-up, now I need support to bring it to the next level.

  • I am sixty and I need a sounding board for my succession planning in my business.

  • I am going to work independently and I need guidance for my next steps.

  • I am looking for a neutral speaking partner in my company restructuring.

You are most welcome bring any other topic to the coaching conversation.

And I trust you will find your specific answers and solutions.

What can you expect to take away from our cooperation?

Some typical client results – just as an inspiration for your thinking:


  • You will have clarity on your purpose and meaning for your professional and/or personal life.

  • You will have become a better leader of yourself and for others.

  • You will have increased your awareness about yourself.

  • You will be more self assured and self confident.

  • You will be clear about your strengths and learning needs.

  • You will be in deeper contact with yourself.

  • You will have created constructive relationships with others.

  • You will feel connected to your needs, feelings and intuitions.

  • You will bring back inner peace/ lightheartedness/optimism to your life.

  • You will have learned skills to support yourself independently after our coaching.

Client Testimonials:

- "In these sessions I met a partner full of empathy, who confronted me with myself".

- "I had a companion on my journey, that showed compassion and distance at the same time".

- "I was accepted in my total being and experienced a focus on my essence and inner self".