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Discover your element and lead a life filled with passion, confidence and personal achievement. It may start with - “Here, in this place, I am in my element”. You have heard this phrase before. Maybe you have used it yourself. What does it mean for our work and life? When we are in our Element, we are most ourselves, most inspired and achieve our highest goals. Ken Robinson describes it in his book The Element as “The meeting point between natural aptitude and personal passion – I get it; I want it; I love it; Where is it”. What could these points mean for you? Advice no 1: I get it – Develop your natural facility in an area For some it is music, for others dancing, math, physic or poetry. S

Vulnerability and Total Transparency

Patrick Lencioni’s book “Getting Naked” is a plea for vulnerability – humility, openness and transparence – for service providers such as consultants, trainers and coaches: “For those who provide service to clients, vulnerability is particularly powerful. Those who get comfortable in being vulnerable – or as I call it, naked – are rewarded with levels of client loyalty and intimacy that other service providers can only dream of”. The book is an enjoyable fable. The following shows some of the author’s concepts how we can handle our fears that might sabotage us to built trust and loyalty with clients: Advice 1: Master the Fear of Loosing the Business 1.1 Consult instead of Sell - Forget your

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